The farm is open Thursday from 9-11:30 am


Frequently Asked Question & Farm Rules Below

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What will you be able to purchase?

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YUP - A LOT OF RULES. Please read - especially if you are coming to the farm with children. We want all our guests to have a meaningful experience.

  • FARM ANIMALS: We expect all our guests to be kind to our animals.  This includes the importance of:
  • BEING RESPECTFUL: No chasing or throwing rocks at them, etc.
  • GATES AND DOORS: Do not open any gates or doors. We keep our animals safe in their special areas.
  • FEEDING ANIMALS: Do not feed our animals anything.
  • NOT A PETTING ZOO: Do not try to put your hands through a fence to pet the animals, unless given permission to do so.
  • KID FRIENDLY: We try to be kid-friendly, but that means a responsible adult needs to monitor their child at all times. This also means there is to be no:
    • running
    • no throwing rocks
    • no climbing fences
    • all things on the ground stay on the ground
  • TOURS: We do not give tours and there are no self-guided tours.
  • PARKING: We do have limited parking. Be mindful of others when you find a place to park.
  • DOGS: We do not allow dogs or other outside animals on our property. This is for the safety of our animals and guests.
  • SMOKING: Smoking is not permitted.
  • PAYMENT: We do take credit cards, cash or check in our small farm shop.
  • BATHROOM: There is no public restroom.
  • FOOD: Sorry, no outside food. Water bottles are, of course, good.
  • PHOTOGRAPHY: When you arrive at the farm - for a Simple Gathering experience, you are giving permission to the farm staff the right to photography you and your dependents for use in Simple Gatherings print, social media, electronic and digital media and publications.
  • PLEASE TAG US: When you take photos, PLEASE tag us @thesimplefarm
  • VISITOR HEALTH AND SAFETY: We are a working farm and there will be uneven ground, sometimes equipment. Always remember to WASH YOUR HANDS before eating.  You know what they say - lather up vigorously for at least 20 seconds Did you know wipes and sanitizers are NOT adequate protection?