May 25th - Cool of the Evening Dinner

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Chef Derek's Guiding Menu ~ Not Final

for Friday Cool of the Evening Dinner

Final menu will be available the week of the dinner. 


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Chef Derek of Moonrise Standard is our first Dinner Gathering Chef of the season. Due to the importance of gathering a fresh harvest for our Dinner Gathering, Chef Derek's final menu won't be revealed until a day or two before the evening. A few days before the dinner, Chef Derek comes to the farm to gather all sorts of fresh vegetables, fruit and herbs for the evenings dinner. He also pays other local farms a visit. 


We are not able to refund or exchange canceled seats unless there is a snow blizzard or something. If it rains, we are prepared to cover our arbor and protect us from the rain.  We understand life happens, so feel free to transfer your seats to friends and email us the new names.  

For Your Comfort: The Dress Code

The outdoor nature of our evening together makes for an opportunity to relax and enjoy. The one thing that is an absolute must - keep the stilettos at home due to uneven, soft ground.  Remember, it is a farm and we want you to feel relaxed and comfortable.  Sometimes, the evenings can be chilly, so pack a light sweater or denim jacket.  

A Few Little Details

  • our address is 9080 E. Cactus Rd, Scottsdale and should you get lost or have last minute questions please text/call me at 480.206.7821
  • arrive at the farm at 7 pm for a bit of mingling
  • dinner is served at 7:30 pm. 
  • we will be serving local wine for the evening
  • our evening together will conclude around 9:30 ish pm
  • smoking is not allowed at the farm
  • have a question? email us please

There is no better way to welcome spring than to gather with others under the stars and build new connections over a shared table at a local farm.