The Ledners

In 2010, we started a small farm in the middle of Scottsdale suburbia.  It really wasn't our intent, it just happened that way.

Central to this whole journey on this blank, dusty, weed soaked ground, was a table.

I (Lylah) would drag a table to a space. I'd sit there and think and dream and imagine what it'd be like to create a garden (around that table) in that space. My purpose was ALWAYS to have a spot to have morning coffee with my husband or lunch, or supper with family or with friends.

We realize how important the table is. It's the place where families gather, where friends gather and where the community gathers over a common meal. Having dinners at our farm table for the community was an idea we just couldn't let go. And, we didn't

About 8 months of the year we invite local AZ Chefs to join us in creating a fine dining experience at The Simple Farm.  Our chefs are incredibly passionate humans who get the beauty of food. "We're digging deeper to connect communities with their food + the farmers that grow it + the path to the dinner plant + the importance of it all." ....Chef Derek Christiansen of Moonrise Standard has said it so very well.

We welcome you to join us in digging deeper + connecting + discovering the importance of it all.